What factors affect the way a place is perceived?

Different people can view a place in very different ways. In your school, for example, you may know the people inside that space well, making it a social space that you are emotionally attached to. You're also surrounded by those the same age as you, who are working towards the same goal. This gives you the feeling of being an insider. Others may feel more out of place however, as though they are an outsider. For example, a student on their first day in a new school may not know the location well, as well as not knowing any of the other people in the space. They do not have the same emotional attachment to the space that a student who has been at the school since the beginning may have.

Additionally, the way that a place is portrayed in the media can affect people’s perceptions. For example, your perception of your school is based on your own experiences within that space, however those who have not visited your school may base their perceptions on how the school is portrayed in its Open Day advertisements and brochures.

Try to imagine putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and think about how a place that is familiar to you can be viewed differently based on someone’s experiences and attachments!