How do you conjugate regular verbs in the present tense?

ER, IR and AR are the three different endings of Spanish verbs. IR and ER verbs are conjugated in a similar way, and AR verbs in a different way in the present tense. 

With all regular verbs you knock off the last two letters - so e.g COMER would become COM

With ER verbs, You would then add the ER endings - o, es , e, emos, éis, en

COMER (to eat) would therefore become - 

yo come - I eat

tu comes -  you eat 

El/ella come -he/she eats

nosotros comemos - we eat

Vosotros coméis - you (plural) eat

Ellos/ellas comen - they eat

a sentence - comen mucha fruta - they eat a lot of fruit 

With IR verbs - VIVIR for example the endings would be - o, es, e, imos, ís, en 

yo vivo - i live

tu vives - you live

el/Ella vive  - he/she lives

nosotros vivimos - we live

vosotros vivís - you (plural) live

ellos/Ellas viven - they live 

a sentence - vivo en Inglaterra - I live in England

AR verbs take the endings - o, as, a, amos, áis, an

With HABLAR (to speak) for example it would become 

yo hablo - I speak

tu hablas - you speak 

El/Ella habla - he/she speaks

nosotros hablamos - we speak

vosotros habláis  - you (plural) speak

ellos/ellas hablan - they speak 

Sentence - hablamos mucho por.el Facebook

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2 years ago

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How do you conjugate regular verbs in the present tense?

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