The figure shows a sketch map showing part of a coastline where deposition is the main coastal process. Suggest how the coastline shown may change in the future.

The beach in figure 1, in the future, is likely to extend in a eastward direction extending off of the headland. I know this because the prevailing wind direction is in a south westerly direction which causes the swash of the waves to hit the coastline in a south west direction therefore transporting sediment east wards. The processes in which water moves sediment is via solution, suspension saltation and traction. This direction of longshore drift will cause a spit to form where the sediment from the beach has been deposited. Over time this spit may join up with the other headland located  4 km northeast of the location the beach is in now. If this occurs then a bar will of formed, north of the bar a lagoon will form. This lagoon will be an isolated pool of seawater which potentially, in the future, could turn into brackish water. Therefor the coastline will of changed from bays and headlands to a coastline dominated by one continuous beach.