Don't know where to start?

I have experience in helping people start their personal statements from scratch, as well as knowing how to put the final touches to a solid PS. I myself have had personal statement advice and tutoring from a wide range of sources, so I will be able to bring that expertise to you.

Hannah C. Mentoring -Personal Statements- tutor, A Level History tuto...

1 year ago

Answered by Hannah, who has applied to tutor Mentoring -Personal Statements- with MyTutor

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£20 /hr

Nishit B.

Degree: Engineering (Masters) - Oxford, New College University

Subjects offered: -Personal Statements-, Physics+ 1 more

-Personal Statements-

“I am a second year Engineering undergraduate at the University of Oxford. I am happy to help with A-level/GCSE Maths.”

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£20 /hr

Elisha J.

Degree: Health Care Science (Audioloigy) (Bachelors) - Manchester University

Subjects offered: -Personal Statements-, Science+ 4 more

-Personal Statements-
Business Studies

“My background Having gained 9A*’s and 3A’s at GCSE and AAB at A level I am now a second-year Audiology student at one of the best Universities of the world! What is Audiology you might be asking? it’s basically all about ears, that’s ...”

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£20 /hr

Hebe B.

Degree: Ancient History (Bachelors) - Birmingham University

Subjects offered: -Personal Statements-, Extended Project Qualification+ 1 more

-Personal Statements-
Extended Project Qualification
Classical Civilisation

“About me: I am a third year student at the University of Birmingham studying Ancient History. I fell in love with Classical Civilisation when I was introduced to the subject at 13 years old and that passion has led me to studying it a...”

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About the author

£20 /hr

Hannah C.

Degree: History (Bachelors) - Durham University

Subjects offered: -Personal Statements-, Maths+ 2 more

-Personal Statements-

“I'm a History student in my second year at Durham with loads of experience both in tutoring and teaching as well as informal education with teenagers and younger children. I studied Economics, Latin and Maths at A Level, as well as Hi...”

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