What extra curricular activities can I take part in for languages?

Language learning is a constant process which should extend outside of the classroom and into your every day life. Listening to the radio or watchig television in a foreign language is an excellent way to boost your listening comprehension skills as well as getting an insight into the current events and culture of the target language. Attempting some translation is always a great idea, too, especially as many universities offer modules in translation as part of their courses. Even if it's just translating an article online, the extra reading will go far in terms of expanding your grammatical and cultural sensibilities. More specifically, though, many companies across the country offer specific scholarships or study abroad schemes to help you visit the target language countries and add something really impressive to your CV. One example of this is the UK-German Connection Scholarships Programme which offers 2 week to 1 month periods of study and travel in Germany. The most important thing is to stay active with your language learning, even if that means just a 5 minute stint on Duolingo every day to keep the words and phrases ticking over in your mind. 

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