How can I come across as likeable from my personal statement?

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University applications are daunting and you want to ensure you have put your best foot forward.  However, ensuring you are likeable is also important.  

The best way to do this is to focus your application around showing your passion and suitability for the subject.  It helps to use the first person to demonstrate your active interest and willingness to put yourself forward.  It is  also important to show that you are a well rounded individual with talents that lie beyond the scope of academia.  This all links back to the skills you have developed as a person and how enjoyable it will be to work with you.  A good academic record, genuine interest, and people skills will make you a likeable applicant.  

Eileen O. A Level English Literature tutor, GCSE English tutor, GCSE ...

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is an online Mentoring -Personal Statements- tutor who tutored with MyTutor studying at Durham University

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