What makes a good extended project title question?

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Firstly, choose a subject that genuinely interests you. If you focus on a topic that you have an interest in or you have experience in, your essay is likely to have more depth as well as being more interesting to read as it is obvious when an author has a real passion and knowledge about what they are writing.

It is important to also keep in mind the needed outcome when determining the question. Depending on whether you are creating an artifact or an essay, you must make sure your question has an answer which can meet the word count comfortably. It needs to be topic where there is enough to research and that research is fairly easily available to you. There also needs to be scope for wide research which is why many EPQ questions begin with 'to what extent'. Using an opener such as 'what' limits your research and your essay whereas 'to what extent' allows for both sides of the argument to be explored.

Ultimately, a good question should be interesting and focussed. It can be changed through the planning process to become more focussed which shows an ability to recognise when change is needed and adapt. Following this, if unsure, it is good to start off with a question with a wider scope.

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