Why sufficient researches and self- explorations are so important in producing and designing a piece of artwork?

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If an idea is a lightbulb we see often in classical cartoons, then the energy that keeps it function is the inspiration. Inspiration, as the very first part of your journey of exploration, is the key to expand your creativity, your collection of different cool ideas and is an extremely important element to open up your mind set. Remember that stealing inspiration is not a crime, every piece of art work can be interpreted in different ways so they will be presented differently in everyone’s work as long as you are not copying the thing exactly, incorporate it in a  a part of your art work would be fab.

Researching about historical background of your initial idea is also necessary for you to understand the context of your artwork, for example, people would ask why you are using a particular technique to produce your work and your research about its context, (perhaps a period in the history, a symbol of a religious culture), is going to help you to justify and protect your work from all the harsh criticism.

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