How do I improve my essay writing skills?

We'll use a variety of exercises to improve your essay techniques.  As well as looking at examples of well written essays, we'll look at your own work to see if you can spot your own areas of weakness to work on. Over the course of our sessions the exercises we do will build up your essay technique so before you realise it you'll be writing like a pro! 

Isabelle W. GCSE English tutor, A Level English tutor, GCSE History t...

2 years ago

Answered by Isabelle, an A Level English tutor with MyTutor

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£24 /hr

Conor M.

Degree: English Literature (Masters) - Oxford, Brasenose College University

Subjects offered:English, Philosophy+ 6 more

English and World Literature
English Literature
English Language
-Personal Statements-
-Oxbridge Preparation-

“Top tutor from the renowned Russell university group, ready to help you improve your grades.”

£20 /hr

Alexandra C.

Degree: English Literature (Bachelors) - Warwick University

Subjects offered:English, -Personal Statements-

-Personal Statements-

“I study English Literature at Warwick University and would love the chance to share my love for books with tutees,helping them to reach their full potentials!”

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£20 /hr

Sophie L.

Degree: Romantic and Victorian Literary Studies (Masters) - Durham University

Subjects offered:English, English Literature+ 2 more

English Literature
English Language
-Personal Statements-

“I am a postgraduate student at Durham University, studying a Masters in Romantic and Victorian Literary Studies. I have been a tutor of English Language and Literature for three years now and I am extremeley enthusiastic about the aca...”

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£20 /hr

Isabelle W.

Degree: English (Bachelors) - Exeter University

Subjects offered:English, History+ 1 more


“I am a second year English Literature student at the University of Exeter. English and History are two of my main passions, and I hope that my enthusiasm will spread to you during our sessions. I have worked with a range of ages from ...”

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How do I improve my essay writing skills?

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