What is Lewin's Force Field Analysis and how is it useful for a Business or an organisation?

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A Lewin's Force Field Analysis is used in order to weigh up the driving forces for change (pros) and the restraining forces resisting change (cons). Note: These forces for change can be both internal and external.

To apply the force field analysis, it is necessary to identify the forces for and against change and label them with numbers. Once all the forces are identified, one should add up all the driving forces for change and also add up the restraing forces resisting change. If the total of the driving forces for change is greater than the total of the restraing forces resisting change, than change should be considered or implemented. If this is not the case, then change should not take place or occur.

This can be useful for many businesses and organisations as it can act as a decision making tool when considering whether to implement change or not across any of their departments. It is also advantageous as it is easy to use and simple to understand.

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