How can I use a semi colon?

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Why use them?

The use of a semi-colon in either an exam or in coursework is a great tool to use to show the examiner that you are a confident and apt user of grammar. This may set you apart from other candiates and give your writing a more sophisticated tone.

What are they for?

Semi colons are used to link two independant but closely related sentences if they are not already linked with a conjuction such as 'and' or 'but'. These sentences must be able (in theory) to exist on their own and be separated by a full stop.


My cat loves killing mice; my mum gets really upset when she does it.

I passed my driving test; I have failed twice befofe.

I walk to school; my friend Pippa drives to school.

Sophia R. GCSE English and World Literature tutor, GCSE Maths tutor

About the author

is an online GCSE English and World Literature tutor who tutored with MyTutor studying at Durham University

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