What should the general structure of my personal statement look like?

Your personal statement should spend two thirds discussing why you want to study the degree you are applying for. This includes explaining what you love about the subject and any experience you have in the area, as well as outlining any extra-curricular activities you take part in.

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9 months ago

Answered by Leyla, a Mentoring -Personal Statements- tutor with MyTutor

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Hannah M.

Degree: Medicine (Bachelors) - Edinburgh University

Subjects offered: -Personal Statements-, Human Biology+ 1 more

-Personal Statements-
Human Biology
-Medical School Preparation-

“I am a fourth year medical student at the University of Edinburgh, with an honours degree in immunology.  I really love understanding the science behind the human body and how this can contribute to health and disease, and would love ...”

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Hannah S.

Degree: Law with French Law (Bachelors) - Birmingham University

Subjects offered: -Personal Statements-, French+ 1 more

-Personal Statements-

“About Me: I am a final year Law with French Law student at the University of Birmingham.  Before starting university, I worked in Paris for a year as an Au pair and I have just completed an Erasmus year in Strasbourg studying Fren...”

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Megan S.

Degree: English and Hispanic Studies (Bachelors) - Durham University

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-Personal Statements-
Government and Politics
English Literature
English Language

“ Through my previous tutoring experiences in an international tutoring company in Huddersfield, as a tutor in the Student Community Action One-to-One tutoring scheme in Durham and in an international language school in Yor”

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Leyla H.

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Degree: Philosophy and Literature (Bachelors) - Warwick University

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-Personal Statements-
Extended Project Qualification
English Literature

“I am a Philosophy and Literature student at the University of Warwick. As a naturally creative person, I have always been involved in the arts; from reading and writing poetry, to arts and crafts. I have hadtwo poems published in Youn...”

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