What is the difference between a COD and a COI?

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COD is complement d` object direct, while COI is complement d`object indirect.


-it is the word that responds to the questions: qui (who) and quoi (what)

-example 1: J` ai mis le livre sur la table.

                    "Qu`est-ce que j` ai mis?" "Le livre".

                     "Le livre" is thus a COD. 

-example 2: Pierre aime Anne. 

                   "Pierre aime qui?" "Anne".

                   "Anne" is thus a COD.


-It is the word that responds to the question: a qui, a quoi, de qui, de quois

-example 3: Je lui telephone.

                   "A qui je telephone?" "A lui."

                  " A lui"  is thus a COI.

Les pronons personnels COD:


Les pronons personnels COI:





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