How would I answer a question that gives a statement and asks me to: “1. Answer whether I agree with the statement and reasons for my opinion 2. Give reasons for why some people might disagree with you.”?

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Things to remember

- The question must be laid out in two parts – do not merge the two together.

- Part one must state your opinion.

- You must refer to the religion that they ask for in the answer.

- Each part requires three simple reasons (roughly two or three sentences per point).

- Reasons need to be precise, think about details e.g. examples, bible references, quotes etc.

Part one

Clearly state your point of view in the first sentence, e.g. “ I do not agree that the bible provides all the advice a Christian needs as the bible doesn’t contain information or guidance on modern day issues.”

Then go on to talk about your three reasons, remembering to be precise and referring to the religion that was asked for in the question.

Part two

Again clearly state why someone could disagree with you. E.g. “Someone could disagree with me because they think that the bible in untainted by modern culture and that the bible is the true word of God and thus applies to all times and places.”

Again, go on to talk about your three reasons, using the “Things to remember"  section.

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