I am worried about the quantitative reasoning section of the UKCAT as it doesn't look like A-Level maths! How can I best prepare?

The quantitative reasoning section of the UKCAT is designed to assess general numerical skill, and so may appear quite contrasting from the sort of maths you will be used to in A-Level. You almost need to go back to basics and refresh those skills you learnt earlier in your school years!

Here are a few tips from my experience:

- the questions vary in difficulty, so do not be put off if there are more difficult questions to begin with, and easier questions towards the end. If you are spending too long on a question, move on to an easier 1.

- get used to using the onscreen calculator (this is found on a normal desktop normally under "Accessories"). You will not be able to use your own calculator in the exam.

- refresh your knowledge of percentages, fractions, averages, mental maths and graphs. These are the most common skills you are likely to need.

- access the UKCAT website for practice questions and their handbook - this will be really useful as they set the test! Practice is everything, and the more questions you do, the more used to the style you will become

- good luck!

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10 months ago

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