How do you write your statement to appeal to the requirements of different universities?

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It is difficult to make your personal statement appeal to everyone. However, there can be different threads throughout your statement that subtly tick the box of multiple universities at once. 

For example, if one university prefer more academic experience and another university prefers more practical extra-curricular experience, then a thought may be to say what the work experience covered and link this to one of your A-level subjects.... and how this has made you think further in your studies and want to read into this more. 

Not only does this make you look like a considered and well-thought out person but also shows you're intrigued to do more (this ticks the academic universities' boxes), and the experience and practical side ticks the boxes of the other universities' requirements. 

Pooja D. GCSE Chemistry tutor, A Level Chemistry tutor, GCSE Biology ...

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is an online Mentoring -Personal Statements- tutor with MyTutor studying at Birmingham University

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