Explain the impacts of rural to Urban migration in an urban area

Rural to urban migration is the process whereby people move form the countryside into cities and urban areas, often due to a range of pull and push factors. The impacts to an urban area can be negative. For example, migrants can put pressure on living spaces. If there is an influx, local councils and authorities will have to act quickly and in the case of high populated cities, such as Mumbai, often the infrastructure cannot deal with high influxes of people. Therefore, many migrants are forced to live in poor housing conditions in areas with higher crime tested. Moreover, socially, there can be tensions between older and newer residents which can cause conflict.
However, rural to urban migration can also have positive impacts. For instance, it can increase cultural wealth, increase economically active elements of the community and bring about more knowledge and skills in the community. Overall, rural to urban migration can have both negative and postive impacts in Urban areas.

Answered by Melissa G. Geography tutor


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