There are a number of push and pull factors that cause rapid urbanisation in lowincome developing countries (LIDCs). Explain how two push factors cause rapid urbanisation in LIDCs.

One push factor that can cause rapid urbanisation in LIDCs are the lower levels of education quality within rural areas. For example in China, rural Tibet has an illiteracy rate of 43% compared with the more urban Beijing with just a 2% illiteracy rate . This means that many could migrate into Urban areas in order to find better services for their families.Another push factor includes the impact of a natural disaster. For example rural areas tend to have less high quality infrastructure meaning that they are more suceptable to damage from, for example, an earth quake. For example, Sichuan in China 2008 saw many children killed due to poorly built schools . As a result people are more willing to move into urban areas which creates more demand.

Answered by Hannah M. Geography tutor


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