How do I revise my set works for the exam?

The first thing you should do is make sure you have the set works on your phone, and listen to them every day! Even if they aren't your favourite things to listen to, this will help you in the exam in many ways. When the extract plays, you want to be as familiar as possible with the piece, so you instantly know where in the piece the extract comes from. Secondly, make a note of all the things that are going on in the piece. It is worth taking the time to make a detailed revision resource for yourself for each piece. This is something we can work on together. Perhaps a visual resource like a poster, or a list of features with a strategy for remembering the order they come in.
Then, you will combine these two approaches. You will listen to the piece while going through the resources, combining the technical terms and attributes that you have learned with the actual sound of the music. Then, as you are listening to the pieces of music and going about your day, challenge yourself to state what characteristics you are hearing as they come up. You could even take this further by identifying different characteristics each time you listen through (e.g. listen through and identify the structural points in the piece, now listen again and identify the harmonic changes).

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