How should I prepare for the LNAT multiple choice?

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The multiple choice section of the LNAT is a verbal reasoning and critical thinking marathon (95 minutes long). The average score in most years is below 50%. To prepare your brain for this intense period of comprehension and concentration, I would recommend doing all of your LNAT preparation internet/phone/distraction free. Many people are out of the habit of concentrating for 95 minutes straight on one task, particularly on a screen. So, turn of your internet, put your phone on flight mode and follow these 5 steps to success:

1. Try one of the official practice tests at  to see where you stand. Are there any sections of the test that went particularly well and can be set aside for a time, and are there any which require more immediate attention?

2. AQA Critial Thinking textbooks are a good place to begin learning more about arguments and reasoning. Pay particular attention to areas which your practice test identified as warranting more time. 

3. Read newspaper editorials and practice identifying features you have learned about.

4. Using questions from similar tests (such as the BCAT or AS level critical thinking or the TSA admissions test), try smaller groups of questions.

5. Try another full practice test. 

Practice really makes perfect. Particularly when you will progress straight into the 40 minute essay, but that's another topic for tutorial!

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