Can you teach LNAT?

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As far as the multiple choice questions are concerned, you cannot ‘teach’ the LNAT per se but you can, nevertheless, practice it and hone your skills. As someone who took the exam (and obtained 32 point out of 42 – well above that year’s 23 points average), I know a few tricks that can make a difference. For example, do not feel that you should limit your preparation to the LNAT past papers. There are many verbal reasoning tests which look at the same skills (law firms employ them in the application process for undergraduate internships so I have a sound grasp of what is available out there). At the end of the day, the LNAT tests a number of areas: deduction, inference, recognition of assumptions and interpretation of arguments (including the famous tone and irony questions). If we practice all of these areas separately we have a better chance to set in the skills.

Also, as far as the essay component is concerned, it is time for you to learn how to write like a lawyer! You need to be both persuasive and evaluative in your manner of dealing with the problem. Another key aspect is to keep the writing style concise and yet cursive. (Don’t worry! I have model essays and a detailed essay plan to help you get through this!) 

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