How should I lay out my global politics 45 mark questions?

45 markers can be easily broken down in 2 ways. Always start with an introduction, which should include an overview of the institution or topic you’ve been asked about (for example, if asked about UN explain when it was set up, its aims and its current format). You should also always finish with a conclusion. In this, agree or disagree with the question, do not sit on the fence! In between you can use 2 formats: A) 4/5 paragraphs (each 1 being on a different topic) with each paragraph including a for and an against for the question. OR B) 2/3 paragraphs which agree with the statement followed by 2/3 paragraphs which disagree (or vice versa). Always link back to the question after each paragraph, making it clear whether you agree or not.

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6 months ago

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