Explain arguments in favour of a codified constitution in the UK.

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Firstly, one can argue that a codified constitution provides a strong check on power of the executive. In recent years the UK has seen a shift towards excessive executive power lying with the Prime Minister. For example in the case of Iraq in 2003 Tony Blair extended his royal prerogative powers and acted in his own interest by agreeing to intervene in the global war on terror. By introducing a codified constitution it would guarantee a strong separation of powers by which the legislative and the judiciary are able to limit excessive executive power. 


Secondly by introducing a codified constitution it would make the UK more democratic. This is guaranteed by separating the branches of the governmental power and making the constitution more rigid and difficult to change. A codified constitution would be written in one single authoritative document which would make it universal and accessible to all. Some argue that the current uncodified constitution in the UK is more complex and difficult to understand, by which citizens have little insight and knowledge of it. By introducing a codified constitution there would be a growth in public awareness of how the government operates and citizens would understand their rights and individual liberties better than they do currently. 


Lastly, one can argue that a codified constitution would modernise Britain and make political relationships with institutions such as the EU more clear. Following Britain opting to become a member of the EU, the lack of a codified constitution has led to difficulties in terms of their political relations with the institution. David Miliband once argued that the UK has not gone far enough in terms of building a constitution, despite laying some foundations for one through the introduction of the Human Rights Act and the Freedom of Information Act. With a codified constitution the UK would be able to comprehend the true nature of relations with EU policy and industrial relations. 


Overall it can be argued that the UK constitution consists of a number of sources which has been increased in recent years through a number of reforms, however if it became a codified constitution it would allow Britain to become more democratic and universal.

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