What is the examiner looking for and how do I get a good mark?

In truth, only your teacher can know due to Oxford's marking system which means that only qualified teachers have access to the marking scheme. However, what they are looking for is a well articulated mind and istinct for essay writing and literary analysis - the points of which we can go through together in a session.

Samuel T. GCSE English Literature tutor, A Level English Literature t...

6 months ago

Answered by Samuel, an Uni Admissions Test .ELAT tutor with MyTutor

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Benjie B.

Degree: English (Bachelors) - Bristol University

Subjects offered:.ELAT, English Literature+ 2 more

English Literature
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“I am an English Literature student at the University of Bristol. I've been head over heels for all things humanities - including history, philosophy and politics - for as long as I can remember, but have ended up studying literature i...”

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Ruchira R.

Degree: BA English (Bachelors) - Exeter University

Subjects offered:.ELAT, Maths+ 2 more

English Literature

“About Me I am currently studying English at the University of Exeter. I've taught children from a wide range of age groups before, including my own peers. AS I have studied English, Maths and Biology at A Level and obtained an A in ea...”

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Conor M.

Degree: English Literature (Masters) - Oxford, Brasenose College University

Subjects offered:.ELAT, Philosophy+ 6 more

English and World Literature
English Literature
English Language
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“Top tutor from the renowned Russell university group, ready to help you improve your grades.”

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Samuel T.

Degree: English Literature (Bachelors) - Kings, London University

Subjects offered:.ELAT, Spanish+ 3 more

English Literature
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“About Me I am a British/Colombian living in London studying towards my English Literature degree at King's College London. I have also lived in Brunei and Saudi Arabia and speak Spanish, giving me plenty of experience in multicultura...”

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