How could I write a program to convert Km/h to m/s in python

First we need to know that the conversion factor for km/h to m/s is 3.6km/h=1m/s

Next we need to read in a value from the user. This can be done with 'input' function as follows:

KMHvalue= input("Enter a value in km/h: ")

we will then need to use our conversion to convert the value into m/s


Then we can output the answer using the 'print' function:

print("your value in m/s is: "+MSvalue)

hence the whole program is:

KMHvalue= input("Enter a value in km/h: ")
print("your value in m/s is: "+MSvalue)

We could make this program more sophisticated by allowing the user to select if they want to convert from km/h to m/s or the other way around. A sample script to do this would be:

choice=input("Please enter 1 to convert km/h to m/s or 2 to convert m/s to km/h")
​if choice==1
    KMHvalue= input("Enter a value in km/h: ")
    print("your value in m/s is: "+MSvalue)

else if choice==2
    MSvalue= input("Enter a value in m/s: ")
    print("your value in km/h is: "+KMHvalue)

​    print("Invalid Choice")

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