Which statement is correct? A) The writer is planning a holiday. B) The writer was completely satisfied with the hotel. C) The hotel was not as good as the writer had hoped.

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In der Broschüre sah das Hotel sehr schön aus, und wir haben tatsächlich ein schönes Zimmer gehabt, wo wir das Meer sehen konnten. Im Restaurant aber war die Bedienung schlecht und das Essen war oft kalt. Wir haben uns beim Manager beschwert. Eva S., Frankfurt

Difficult vocab:
tatsächlich = actually
die Bedienung = waiter/waitress/table service
sich bei jmdm (+dat) beschweren = to complain to someone

The answer - C - The hotel was not as good as the writer had hoped

In the brochure/catalogue the hotel looked really pretty and we actually had a really pretty room with a sea view. However, the table service in the restaurant was bad and the food was often cold. We complained to the manager. Eva S., Frankfurt.

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