What preparation can I do for a scientific Oxbridge interview?

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Oxbridge interviews aren't this big, scary thing where the interviewers are waiting for you to slip up and catch you out, despite all the horror stories you're bound to hear. Oxbridge uses the tutorial system, small classes of 2 or 3 students at a time. The interviewers will be your tutors, all they're looking for is whether they can get on with you and most importantly if they can teach you (this is their job).

They may ask things you don’t know, this is intentional as they will be teaching you things you don’t know through the year and are looking to how you respond. Simply stay calm and respond to their hints, if you’re completely stuck just say what you’re thinking you don’t need to be right.

You don't have to prove how clever you are. To get to this stage you would have had to pass the entrance exam so you will be clever enough otherwise you wouldn’t be there. This is the point of that exam.

Coming into interview brush up on all your A-level knowledge, tutors understand you haven’t been taught all the material yet so don’t stress yourself trying to learn absolutely everything. Make sure you can do what you’ve been taught well and maybe a few other things you find interesting. Try to have a ‘specialist subject’, something you could talk about for a couple of minutes if you were posed the statement ‘tell me something about ’, it can be anything you’ve found interesting.

Lastly, go through your personal statement with a fine toothed comb trying to think of absolutely anything you could be asked on each point and possibly an example from the news to go with it.

Good luck and enjoy it!

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