How do I write a good personal statement for medicine?

Writing an original personal statement that shows off your skills and achievements can be tricky. Firstly I'd recommend sitting down with a piece of paper and writing down all the reasons you want to do medicine - be honest and genuine - there is no wrong answer! Then write down some examples of when you've demonstrated skills necessary to be a doctor e.g. 'I was captain of my school's badminton team and I showed leadership and communication skills - highly important as doctors work in teams in the hospital setting.' It is also important to show that you're a well rounded individual - mention any sports or activities you enjoy doing in your spare time. Remember that medicine is not just about academics - as a doctor you will need to show empathy, understanding and kindness. Your personal statement should not go into too much detail - it should include a wide range of information and then your interviewer will pick up on points and ask you to expand on them. Don't include anything on there that you are not certain about - read the books and articles that you say you have - this is an easy way for people to be caught out in interviews! Finally make sure you convey your enthusiasm to study medicine - if you have truly chosen to apply for the right reasons, this should be easy and you will come across passionate and interested in the interview!

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