What's the best way to make your Oxbridge application stand out?

Oxbridge applications. We've all heard the rumours flying around about how your interviewers ask you to balance on your head whilst solving a simultaneous equation and reading a book. This is simply NOT true. Applying to Oxbridge can be daunting but it is simply a methodical process that should be taken one step at a time. Personal statement, UCAS application, UKCAT/BMAT prep, interview and then A-levels. Easy peasy right? With some guidance and good time management, you can still enjoy your last year at school whilst making sure you've given your application 100%!

Subi S. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, ...

6 months ago

Answered by Subi, a Mentoring -Oxbridge Preparation- tutor with MyTutor

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Oliver V.

Degree: Mathematics (Masters) - Oxford, St John's College University

Subjects offered:-Oxbridge Preparation-, Maths+ 4 more

-Oxbridge Preparation-
-Personal Statements-

“University of Oxford Mathematics student enthusiastic about improving grades and preparing for entrance exams”

£20 /hr

Ana S.

Degree: Physics (Bachelors) - Oxford, Balliol College University

Subjects offered:-Oxbridge Preparation-, Physics+ 3 more

-Oxbridge Preparation-

“A friendly and understanding tutor with three years experience in school clubs, summer camps and private tutoring.”

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Chris R.

Degree: English Literature (Bachelors) - Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall University

Subjects offered:-Oxbridge Preparation-, English and World Literature+ 5 more

-Oxbridge Preparation-
English and World Literature
English Literature
English Language
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“English graduate from Oxford University - expert tutor for English Language & Literature, personal statements, and ELAT tests. ”

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Subi S.

Degree: Medicine (Bachelors) - Cambridge University

Subjects offered:-Oxbridge Preparation-, Chemistry+ 5 more

-Oxbridge Preparation-
.BMAT (BioMedical Admissions)
-Personal Statements-
-Medical School Preparation-

“I am a medical student currently studying at Cambridge University. I have always loved Biology and enjoy teaching it! I think that science should be studied in a practical way with pictures and models and experiments - textbooks too! ...”

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