What's the best way to make your Oxbridge application stand out?

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Oxbridge applications. We've all heard the rumours flying around about how your interviewers ask you to balance on your head whilst solving a simultaneous equation and reading a book. This is simply NOT true. Applying to Oxbridge can be daunting but it is simply a methodical process that should be taken one step at a time. Personal statement, UCAS application, UKCAT/BMAT prep, interview and then A-levels. Easy peasy right? With some guidance and good time management, you can still enjoy your last year at school whilst making sure you've given your application 100%!

Subi S. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, ...

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is an online Mentoring -Oxbridge Preparation- tutor with MyTutor studying at Cambridge University

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