What's the best way to revise for the Writing task of BMAT?

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Here is a sample question from the writing task of the BMAT exam. 

4. Parents who withhold vaccines from their children have betrayed their duty of care.

How would you go about answering this? The answer is practise, practise, practise! Give yourself plenty of time before the BMAT exam (roughly 3 weeks to a month.) Read up on current affairs - make sure you know the latest scientific advances/news and read a few different sources to give yourself an idea of the different sides to an argument. When it comes to actually writing the essay, make sure you always do a quick draft - outline the structure of your introduction, main points of each paragraph and each conclusion. Make sure you define your terms clearly - for example what is duty of care? What would you consider as betraying duty of care? If you clearly set out your definitions then it becomes easy to outline your argument. This task is also a really good way to show that you know of hugely important current affairs - for example you could include the Wakefield scandal surrounding the MMR vaccine and how this affected parents' attitudes towards letting their children have vaccinations. Or you could adopt a more philosophical stance (for you critical thinkers out there)...

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