How do I learn and memorise case studies?

Learning the facts of case studies can seem very daunting at the beginning - with all of the names, dates and facts and figures. But, really, it's no different to learning anything else!

Here are my top tips for how to approach learning them:

1. Make flashcards and try to only allocate 1 or 2 cards to a single case study - this will make sure you only write down (and learn) the core facts.

2. Outline the various causes and effects of the case study (and group them into social, political and economic factors) - try to develop an understanding of these factors, as opposed to learning them word for word.

3. Try to visualise the case study, or imagine youself in the situation, as this will aid your understanding and help you to memorise the scale and effect of the case study itself.

Answered by Paven U. Geography tutor


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