How do I get above 40 in the 45 mark questions?

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To get above 40 in a timed exam situation is difficult but not impossible. The first key point to note is that to be on track for nearly full marks, your answer cannot have any knowledge gaps or significant omissions. This means you need to have a well-rounded and well-balanced answer to the exact question given to you in the exam, and a strong introduction and conclusion.

To boost a good answer to a great one, you need to make sure you are not only including examples but including original or unusual ones. This will show that you can back up the points you are making, and have true knowledge and command of your subject beyond just what the textbook gives you.

You also need to be using commentary from academics and key thinkers wherever possible, as it is almost impossible to get above 40 without doing so. In your revision, make sure that you know a number of thinkers and their general stance (even if you can't remember direct quotes on the day), so that you can work them into whatever question is put to you. Good luck!

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