What is a sequence analysis?

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In film studies, a sequence analysis takes a close look at a specific clip in a film/production with an emphasis on cinematographic techniques. This close analysis should be of a short scene. You want to focus particularly on aspects like shot scale, camera movement, tone, length, perspective. Split up your essay by the time. For example: 


In a mere minute, Black Narcissus directors, Powell and Pressburger, present an array of distinct cinematographic techniques that follow the character Kanchi, as she girlishly dances around an empty palace room. The cinematography of this clip include shot scale, camera movement, tone, length, and perspective, which ultimately add to the overall fluidity and success of the scene.

Black Narcissus’ average shot length approximates about 7.4 seconds. In Kanchi’s scene, shot lengths average from 2.2 seconds to 5.5 seconds, giving the scene a choppy, fast-paced appearance to mimic that of Kanchi’s lively dance. The sequence’s shot scale open with a long shot, as the young girl stands gazing out the window, then shifts to a ten second close-up of her trance-like profile. As she starts dancing, a long shot is utilized in order to capture her entire body. An extreme long shot is used at 43:38 seconds to present Kanchi as a miniature figure in comparison to the palace room, highlighting both the enormity of the room, as well as her lonely yet carefree state. The filmmakers also altered the angle of this scene, positioning the camera at a high-angle frame in order to shrink Kanchi’s figure. As the girl approaches the mirror, the viewer sees her body from the waist up, highlighting her eye-catching arm movements. A medium shot was used in order to draw the viewer’s attention to details like slight hand gestures. 

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