Discuss whether the Additional Member System has more advantages than other electoral systems used in the UK

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This question requires for there to be a weighted answer, for and against the idea that the AMS system has more advantages. You need to give three answers for and three answers against.

Each answer should have a similar structure, each consiting of; your initial claim, some detail on this claim, an example proving your claim and how the claim links to overall question.

So for example with this particular question, my first claim for the idea that the AMS system has more advantages than other electoral systems: That is is more reflective of the votes cast than a First Past the Post system. So we would break this question down in this way:

1) I make the claim that it is more reflective of votes cast than other systems

2) I explain that the AMS system would lead to a more accurate correlation between the amount of votes a party gets with the amount of seats it gains.

3)I would give an example. My example here would be that under an AMS system, the Green party would have achieved around 24 seats compared to just 1 in the 2015 General Election, which operates under a First Past The Post system. This is much more reflective of the over 1 million people who voted for them.

4)Lastly I would need to link the claim back to the question. So I would state that the AMS system has an advantage because it brings about a more proportional representation.

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