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How should I structure a paragraph in an essay?

I would advise to use, what is called a PEEL method. point (or thesis) of your paragraph, evidence, elaboration, link. This means the following. In the beginning, make a claim that is one of the arguments...

Answered by Zuzana G. English and World Literature tutor

What is the relevance of Shakespeare today?

If we are studying Literature then the question ‘What is the relevance of Shakespeare today?’ is a fair and very good question to ask, as well as one which commonly occurs. When we ask this we are probabl...

Answered by Sky H. English and World Literature tutor

Explain the view on beauty and morality that Oscar Wilde provides in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

The Picture of Dorian Gray is highly allegorical and perfectly summaries the Aesthetic theories about the purpose of life which is only found in the pursuit of pleasure and beauty. Dorian realize...

Answered by Valentina C. English and World Literature tutor

"I always feel that I am arguing the same point. How can I make my essays stand out more?"

My recommendation would be to broaden your net. Do not restrict yourself to the traditional readings of "Shakespeare" or "Jane Austen". There are hundreds of academic essays written on...

Answered by Josna B. English and World Literature tutor

What are the most important rules to remember for an English Literature essay?

There are several key elements of any English literature essay which are essential to producing a coherent and strong piece of work. The first is to back up any claim you make; evidence is always required...

Answered by Caitlin C. English and World Literature tutor

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