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English Literature

How do I write a good introduction?

An introduction should always clearly set out your intentions for the essay, and perhaps even include a sentence that briefly answers your question from the get-go (a thesis.) It should briefly set out a ...

Answered by Hannah M. English Literature tutor

What is literary Romanticism?

Romanticism is a literary period spanning from the late 18th century, through to the early 19th century (followed by the Victorian Period). It is defined by the use of the Sublime, states of Roma...

Answered by Crispin W. English Literature tutor

What is the symbolism of the death of Candy's dog in John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men'?

In John Steinbeck's novel 'Of Mice and Men', the death of Candy's dog symbolises the loneliness of the ranch workers, and demonstrates that there is no place for affection or sentimentality in their lives...

Answered by Louisa C. English Literature tutor

"How do I start an essay?"

Before starting an essay, writing a brief plan is always useful - even if it is just a bullet pointed list. It is important to make sure your plan covers all of the relevant assessment objectives: AO1 (un...

Answered by Erin S. English Literature tutor

How should I approach an unseen poem?

This is your opportunity to engage with an unfamiliar poem and to clearly communicate your thoughts about the poem before you. To help you draw as much meaning as possible from the poem, and to properly s...

Answered by Josef M. English Literature tutor

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