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Explain what the terminal velocity of an object is.

The terminal velocity of an object is the highest velocity it can reach when falling through a defined medium, usually air in practice. This constant velocity is achieved when the net force applied to the...

Answered by Thomas N. Physics tutor

A person swims from a depth of 0.5m to 1.7m below the surface of the sea. Denisty Sea Water = 1030 kg/m^3. g=Gravitational Field Strength = 9.8 N/kg. Calculate the change in pressure on the swimmer and give the unit.

Use equation: Pressure = density x depth in the fluid x gravitational field strength. We know the in increase in pressure will be the difference between the Final Pressure (at 1.7m) and the Initial Pressu...

Answered by Jack S. Physics tutor

Draw a graph depicting a skydivers speed against time when jumping from a plane, until he deploys his parachute, explaining the logic of your answer through the forces applicable to the body.

Upon jumping from the plane, the diver experiences three forces; a downward force from his weight; opposed by a lift force (equal to the weight of the air he displaces); and an upward drag force = ½ . (C<...

Answered by Bronagh R. Physics tutor

What is the difference between alpha and gamma radiation?

Alpha radiation is a type of radiaiton which has a high ionisation and low penetration. This means it can ionise objects very easily (so can be more damaging to humans) but it can only travel a very short...

Answered by Austin D. Physics tutor

When going around a roundabout, why do I feel a force pulling me outwards?

The force pulling you outwards is what is called fictional force. Actually, there is a force pulling the car inwards and since Newton's Laws mean that you want to keep moving forwards rather than going ar...

Answered by Jasmine C. Physics tutor

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