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(A-level Politics) To what extent do liberals disagree over freedom?

All liberals seek to maximise liberty for all citizens. Specifically, they champion self-fulfilment (achievement of ‘personal missions’), self-determination (control of individual lives) and self-realisat...

Answered by William J. Politics tutor

Compare and contrast FPTP with AMS and STV

The First Past the Post Electoral system is used in general elections in the UK on a constituency basis in order to elect Members of Parliament. If a party has a majority of the seats in the House of Comm...

Answered by Anna M. Politics tutor

What is a codified consitution?

a document that provides the key elements of the law. There are checks in balances in place that protect the contents of the document, to uphold the laws and values they speak of .

Answered by Jake P. Politics tutor

In the “separation of powers”, name one branch of government that is separated.

The executive. (There are three powers: the legislature, executive and judicial)

Answered by Tara G. Politics tutor

How and why are liberals committed to constitutionalism?

Liberals are committed to constitutionalism due to their belief that in order to prevent a government from becoming overly powerful, there needs to be some kind of check to that power. Constitutions provi...

Answered by Shaun T. Politics tutor

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