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What is the difference between "aunque + indicative" and "aunque + subjunctive"?

"Aunque" has two meanings : "even if" and "even though".
"Aunque + indicative" :When using "even though", the fact is a...

Answered by Eva C. Spanish tutor

What is the difference between Ser and Estar?

Ser and Estar are two verbs in spanish which both mean 'to be', but they have very different uses and therefore, are not interchangeable.Ser = permanent i.e. used to express an inherent quality or charact...

Answered by Nikki T. Spanish tutor

How are ‘stem-changing’ verbs conjugated in Spanish?

In all languages, verbs follow certain grammatical rules. In Spanish, all verbs are made up of a stem (which tells you what action is being done) and an ending (which spe...

Answered by Iga J. Spanish tutor

¿Crees que la discriminación hacia la comunidad gitana en España está relacionada con su representación en los medios de comunicación ?

Es cierto que los medios de comunicación juegan un papel imprescindible en la difusión de tópicos sobre los gitanos, lo cual influye sobre su percepción en la comunidad española.Prueba de eso son el léxic...

Answered by Arianna C. Spanish tutor

How do you conjugate the verb ganar in the present tense?

Ganar is a regular verb, so it follows the common pattern: -o, -as, -a, -amos, -áis, -an.The conjugation of ganar in present tense is: gano, ganas, gana, ganamos, ganáis, ganan.

Answered by Belen M. Spanish tutor

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