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What is an amino acid?

An amino acid is a monomer of a protein formed from an amino group, carboxyl group and variable R-group. They are held in long chains via peptide bonds.

Answered by Bridget S. Biology tutor

Describe the secondary structure of a protein.

This is the first folding of the amino acid chain. The chain folds into either alpha helices or beta pleated sweats and is stabilised by hydrogen bonds between the amino acids.

Answered by Bridget S. Biology tutor

Explain how a stimulus can result in a reflex reaction

Stimulus, e.g. pressure or heat, is detected by receptors. This impulse is carried on neurones. Neurones meet at a synapse where neurotransmitters diffuse across the synapse. The impulse is then carried ...

Answered by Rosie C. Biology tutor

What is the symbol equation for aerobic respiration?

C6H12O6 + 6O2 ----> 6CO2 + 6H2O
Energy Released

Answered by Roger Y. Biology tutor

How does meiosis cause variation?

Independent segregation of chromosomes. Crossing over of chromosomes (genetic recombination)

Answered by Ifsa A. Biology tutor

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