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Your parents have seen this advertisement on the internet and ask you to translate it for them into English.

Le centre de la France est l’endroit idéal pour passer vos vacances en famille. Vous y découvrirez de beaux villages qui se trouvent au milieu de champs verts. La région a toujours offert aux visiteurs un...

Answered by Isabelle J. French tutor

À votre avis, est-il important à promouvoir la musique francophone en France (ou dans des autres pays francophones?)? Donnez des raisons pour votre réponse.

À mon avis, c’est sans doute important à préserver la musique francophone. La musique est souvent une partie intégrante de la culture d’un pays, et, avec la mondialisation, la musique anglophone devient d...

Answered by Tameemah O. French tutor

What is the difference between savoir and connaître?

Savoir means to know in the sense of knowing how to do something e.g. a skill, knowing something by heart or knowing a fact.Je sais danser (I know how to dance).Je s...

Answered by Caitlin C. French tutor

How do I know when to agree past participles by number and gender?

Normally, when you're using the perfect tense with 'avoir' as an auxiliary verb, the past participle doesn't change to agree with anything. However, there are three main situations where the form of the p...

Answered by Benjamin O. French tutor

When do I agree the past participle when using the passé composé?

When I say agreement, I mean the addition of an 'e' (for gender) and/or an 's' (for number) to the past participle so that it corresponds with the subject or object of the verb. For all verbs that take êt...

Answered by French tutor

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