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What should I revise before taking the HAT?

There is no particular content that you should revise before taking the HAT. The HAT is not made to test your knowledge but to test your skills - particularly your ability to analyse sources and to constr...

Answered by HAT tutor

How do I get more information out of a vague source?

You will never get a source that tells you nothing. Often times, you will be given deliberately odd sources, just to see if you can think on your feet. In these cases, it helps to think about the context ...

Answered by Charlotte W. HAT tutor

What can I do to prepare for the Oxford HAT?

The source based HAT is used as part of the Oxford admissions to observe whether candidates have the appropriate skills to succeed as an Oxford History undergraduate. These skills can be divided into the ...

Answered by Alex N. HAT tutor

Is there a way of preparing for the HAT?

Yes and no! Firstly, the new HAT test came into effect into 2018, and consists of one unseen source-based question. The idea is that it can't be prepared for, and in terms of learning facts or content, th...

Answered by Matilda H. HAT tutor

How do I prepare for the HAT?

The HAT is not a paper to prove a universal understanding of all history but instead a chance to show how you can adapt fundamental skills of analysis to approach a topic that you will likely be unfamilia...

Answered by James B. HAT tutor

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