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How to form the perfect tense?

The perfect tense is formed with the present tense form of haber plus a past participle. The present tense forms of haber are: (yo) he, (tú) has, (él/ella) ha, (nosotros) hemos, (vosotros) habéis, (ellos/...

Answered by Ellen S. Spanish tutor

When is the perfect tense used?

The perfect tense is used to refer to actions that have happened in the past which have recently been completed. It translates directly into the English perfect tense. For example, 'has comido' t...

Answered by Ellen S. Spanish tutor

Which tense do use when talking about your childhood?

It depends on what you are describing. If talking about an activity which you undertook regularly and for an unspecified amount of time, you would use the imperfect tense. Eg. "Cuando era pequeña, to...

Answered by Ajoa N. Spanish tutor

How do I know when words are written with “z” or with “c”?

In Spanish, there is always a constant rule to know whether to write words with ‘z’ or ‘c’:This only applies for the ’C’s and ‘Z’s that both phonetically sound like “th”....

Answered by Claudia S. Spanish tutor

¿Cuándo se usa el subjuntivo presente?

Bueno, a veces el subjuntivo presente puede ser muy difícil, pero con mucha práctica ya irás mejorando.El subjuntivo presente se usa para hablar de deseos, dudas y posibilidades. Yo siempre uso el concept...

Answered by Elodie W. Spanish tutor

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