Having a technical issue?

We’re here to help get your lesson up and running.

These quick fixes solve 90% of issues that we see:

  • Close and reopen your browser, then re-launch the lesson.
  • Restart your computer (an oldie but a goodie!)
  • Check that your internet connection isn’t slowing you down.

Have these not quite done the trick? Please try the rest of our quick fixes.

I can’t hear/they can’t hear me

  • We always ask users to use a wired headset with a mic, to avoid echoes!
  • Check that no-one is muted.
  • Check that everyone’s volume is turned up.
  • Make sure that you’ve enabled your mic in the browser by using this article.
  • Check that sound is working in another window (try watching a YouTube video or play some music!)
  • Switch to a different speaker or headset.

I can’t see/they can’t see me

Still need help? You might be able to find your specific issue in our Help Desk.

Or get in touch and a member of our friendly team will support you getting back on track!

If your lesson is over but you’d still like a hand, you can also book in a support session at a time that suits you. You’ll get personal guidance from one of our team within 3 days.

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