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Clear your temporary settings by using a private browser

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Run a set-up test to make sure everything is working

Run set-up test


Close all open applications by restarting your device

See how restarting can help

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The other person can’t hear me

Are you sure your microphone is working? You can test it in our set-up test. Or if you’re in the lesson space, hover over the microphone icon; it will show you your sound bar. If it's working the bar should move when you speak.

  1. Not working? Make sure your browser has access to your microphone. For instructions how to do this, check out this article

  2. If you’ve enabled your computer’s access to the microphone, but it’s still not working, check out how to enable your computers audio here

  3. Still having trouble? Test it by using a different microphone (if you have another headset). Did you try a private browsing window and restart? If you have and it’s still not working, give us a call!

I can’t hear the other person

Are you sure your speakers are working? You can test them in our set-up test. Common causes of this issue include: not having the volume turned up (yes really), having multiple speakers set up (make sure the only sound output is through your headset), or that the other person hasn’t got their microphone setup (see the above).

There is an echo

We have new technology that will stop these echoes, but while we are still rolling it out, try using headphones and open the lesson space in a Firefox browser. All audio echoes should be solved as long as both the student and tutor take these steps.

The connection is poor

Our technology requires a reliable internet connection - did you pass the set-up test here? If so, a simple refresh should do the trick! If not, you’ll need to find somewhere with a stronger internet connection.

Nothing seems to be working!

  1. If the tutorial is happening now call us on 0203 773 6020 (we are available Mon-Fri 8am-7pm UK time)

  2. Or book in a technical support session at a time that suits you here

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