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Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are current or recently graduated Russell Group University students who have achieved excellent grades (As and A*s) in their A-levels or equivalent qualifications. They have also been personally interviewed by us to ensure they are well motivated and strong communicators. 

How does a tutorial work?

You will meet your tutor in our online classroom where the two of you will have access to video, audio and text chat, as well as using our handy online whiteboard where you can share documents and use the drawing tools. Sessions are live and one-to-one, and they're even recorded so you can watch them back later for revision.

What's a free meet-the-tutor session?

Tutoring is a personal business, and there's no better way than meeting someone to decide whether you'll get on. In a free 15-minute session in our online classroom you can get to know your tutor and give them more detail on what you want to learn. If you like them - great! Book in a tutorial. If you don't, there's no obligation to book: meet another tutor and see if you get on better.

How much does tuition cost?

With MyTutor you can sign up and meet our tutors for free. You only ever pay for the tutorials you have. Tutorials are an hour long and cost between £18 and £30, with 80% of tutorials priced between £18-£22. You can see how much each tutor charges on their profile.


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