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GCSE /13+/11+ £18 -36/hr
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Personal Statements £20 -36/hr
Oxbridge/Medical School £20 -36/hr
University Admission £25 -36/hr
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One-to-one tuition

Recorded sessions

Interactive learning environment

Written feedback

Higher standards

Our tutors aren't just subject experts. They're also role models, mentors and coaches. Young bright and successful, they have a strong understanding of the contemporary curriculum and the pressures today's students face.

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We interview every tutor

Excellent communication skills are vital for effective teaching - which is why we interview every tutor as part of our selection process.

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89,583 independent reviews

See how other parents independently rate tutors, with every review ever written available across the site.

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High achieving subject experts

Every tutor comes from a leading UK university, studies the subject they teach to a level higher than their tutees and achieved an A or A* themselves.

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Pricing FAQs

How much does tuition with MyTutor cost?

Each tutor sets their own prices but 80% of our tutors are priced between £18-£24 per hour. You can see how much each tutor charges on their profile and meet the tutor for free before deciding to book. My Tutor also charges a small service fee of approximately 50 pence per Online Lesson.

What is a premium tutor?

All MyTutor tutors are required to attend a personal interview and are assessed on their academic performance and communication skills. Tutors who receive consistently high feedback, have tutored with us for a while, or have completed their first degree, are usually awarded Premium Tutor status.

Do I need to sign up to a subscription?

No - with MyTutor you only pay for the Online Lessons you book. There are no minimum booking requirements and no obligation to rebook once you get started. 

How do I pay for Online Lessons?

Pay for Online Lessons using a credit or debit card online through our secure payment system. You can pay for Online Lessons as you go, or add credit to your MyTutor wallet for automated payment.

Is there a joining fee?

With MyTutor, you only ever pay for Online Lessons you book so that means no joining fees or subscriptions. You can even meet tutors for free before deciding to book.

Why do tutors charge different prices?

MyTutor provides guidelines so that tutors can set their own rates for Online Lessons. The prices reflect each tutor's experience and reviews.