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      jz Published 17 Jan 2019

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      Sandy Published 14 Jan 2019

      My son has been having English GCSE lesson with Bethany and he is finding it really useful. He is the one who is very picky with tutors but he is really pleased with the lessons and support Bethany has provided him so far.
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      Anon Published 13 Jan 2019

      Very efficient, flexible and my son found both the tutors he has had explained things very well Thanks
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      Kevin Published 13 Jan 2019

      Tutors are professional and prices are reasonable, however server speeds are very very slow, leading to multiple connection drops and lag during online lessons. This disrupts the learning experience and may frustrate the parties involved.
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      Phillipa Published 13 Jan 2019

      love - had fantastic result with Laura - amazing - worked so well.
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      Debraj Dasgupta Published 12 Jan 2019

      Mytutor support has been great for us as an international family moving to new geographies with a high school student. Access to tutors round the clock and convenient booking process is highly appreciated.
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      Liz Published 11 Jan 2019

      I've had two teenagers use MyTutor for help with biology, chemistry, and maths during their year 11 and they found it to be so helpful in them gaining a stronger understanding in all subjects. They got on really well with their tutors who were always friendly and professional and easy to relate to. I recommend this site all the time.
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      Keollos Published 11 Jan 2019

      Some of their tutors are amazing. Some didnโ€™t reply at all and others replied really late. There is a specific tutor with outstanding writing skills she finishes the work in the same day as well called Maddie F. I recommend her to anyone that need help with essays or anything similar
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      Ms Yvonne Tomlin Published 11 Jan 2019

      A fantastic service, my son has developed his math skills significantly since working with his tutor. Also working with a university student has boosted his confidence, he is now talking about the universities he would like to go to.
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      Mrs Sarah Stephenson Published 11 Jan 2019

      We have used Mytutor for two subjects over two years and have found the tutors to be passionate about their subject and really helpful in explaining concepts that needed reinforcing. Wouldnโ€™t hesitate in recommending.
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      Rodel Published 11 Jan 2019

      My son feels that it is helping with his maths A level having a regular revision session.
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      Niroshi Published 10 Jan 2019

      Thank you My Tutor, you are doing a great service. Very polite team, helpful and very flexible. Your tutors (whom i have picked) are very knowledgeable and helpful. Keep up the good work!!
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      Elena Published 09 Jan 2019

      My son had a very good experience with your company. The tutor was perfect. He helped my son very much. My son was admitted to Cambridge University. Thank you very much.
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      Tessa Published 08 Jan 2019

      User friendly, easy to navigate, would recommend.
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      Gaynor Preece Published 08 Jan 2019

      Holly was great! Brilliant communication and great advice. Very encouraging too. Can highly recommend!!
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      E Shaw Published 08 Jan 2019

      Very good tutors, correct information, prompt feedback to parents
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      Zanib Published 08 Jan 2019

      My daughter is very happy with all the tuition sheโ€™s getting from here very good experienced tutors
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      Mrs Heath Published 08 Jan 2019

      A super helpful service ideal for helping people at home without the hassle of travelling. Lots of tutors to choose from and all the subjects we wanted were there. Howard who is helping my son has really made him feel more confident already after just two lessons. T
      Avatar iconTrustpilot rating with 5 stars

      L. Pennington Published 08 Jan 2019

      Easy to use system. Great tutor found for my daughter doing A levels.

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      1. Search the subject and level you need ๐Ÿ‘€ 2. Browse our tutors and message who you like ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ 3. Book a free 15-minute video meeting. ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป Here you can talk to one of our tutors and see how it all works. 4. Book and pay as you go! Lesson can happen anytime, where๐Ÿ‘Œ 5. See your childโ€™s confidence and grades take off ๐Ÿš€ Finding a private tutor can be a daunting process but MyTutor makes it easy. All of our tutors our personally interviewed and only 1 in 7 becomes a tutor with us. When exploring how to find a tutor online, consider what subject and level youโ€™re looking for, what exam board you need help with, how regularly youโ€™ll want sessions and what budget you have to spend. Our private tutors provide one to one tuition online and are subject experts. For help finding a private tutor online, you can send your requirements and weโ€™ll match you with the right private tutor offering comprehensive one to one tutoring. You can also get an overview of all of our private Maths tutors and of our combination Maths and English tutors and also of our iGCSE tutors as well as an overview of tutors for University students.