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    PremiumOliver B. GCSE Chemistry tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Geology tuto...

    Oliver B.


    Bristol University - Translational Health Sciences (PhD) (Doctorate)

    Subjects: Geology


    I have been teaching here since 2013 and use various teaching styles depending on what helps you to learn best!

    260 reviews

    971 completed lessons

    Rhiannon M. GCSE Environmental Studies tutor, A Level Environmental S...

    Rhiannon M.


    Durham University - Environmental Geoscience (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Geology


    Third year Earth Sciences student at Durham; specialise in geochemistry and tutor in Earth sciences, Chemistry and Maths

    47 reviews

    85 completed lessons

    Sophia A. A Level Geology tutor, GCSE Geology tutor, A Level Psycholo...

    Sophia A.


    Birmingham University - Geology (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Geology


    1st year Geology undergrad and UoB, eager to help you with any difficulties you have with your subject,

    6 reviews

    14 completed lessons

    Benjamin R. A Level Geology tutor, A Level Maths tutor, 11 Plus Maths...

    Benjamin R.


    Oxford, St Anne's College University - Earth Sciences (Integrated Masters)

    Subjects: Geology


    Final year Earth Scientist studying at Oxford University. Excellent background in maths, science and geography. One years face-to-face tutoring experience.

    1 completed lesson

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    Zoe C. IB Geography tutor, 13 Plus  Geography tutor, A Level Geograph...

    Zoe C.


    Manchester University - NERC CDT-funded PhD in deep water sedimentology and salt tectonics (Doctorate)

    Subjects: Geology


    Friendly, approachable and professional Science and Maths enthusiast, aiming to make the subjects fun and accessible for all.

    2 reviews

    15 completed lessons

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