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    Olivia C. GCSE Physical Education tutor, A Level Physical Education t...

    Olivia C.


    Birmingham University - Sport and Exercise Science (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Physical Education

    Physical Education

    About me: I am a sport and exercise science student at Birmingham Universtiy. I really love applying theoretical knowledge of how the body works to sporting situations. So hope that my tutorials will allow you to enjoy PE in the same ...

    28 reviews

    66 completed lessons

    Lucy W. GCSE Biology tutor, A Level Physical Education tutor, GCSE Ph...

    Lucy W.


    Cardiff University - Physiotherapy BSc (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Physical Education, Biology

    Physical Education

    Hi, I’m Lucy! I am an enthusiastic first year Physiotherapy student at Cardiff University with a passion for all things active and scientific. I thoroughly enjoy Biology and Physical Education and having just sat my exams in the summer...

    14 reviews

    35 completed lessons

    Joel E. A Level Physical Education tutor, GCSE Physical Education tut...

    Joel E.


    Leeds University - Law (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Physical Education, Law

    Physical Education

    Law student at University of Leeds. Very interested in current affairs and everything sport.

    10 reviews

    17 completed lessons

    Rhiannon D. A Level Psychology tutor, GCSE Psychology tutor, A Level ...

    Rhiannon D.


    Exeter University - Psychology (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Physical Education, Psychology +1 more

    Physical Education
    -Personal Statements-

    Exeter University Psychology Graduate passionate about helping other achieve their full potentials

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    PremiumHannah S. IB Biology tutor, A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor...

    Hannah S.


    Nottingham University - Childhood Obesity (Doctorate)

    Subjects: Physical Education, Biology +2 more

    Physical Education
    Human Biology

    Could you or your child be the next Albert Einstein? I aim to excite young individuals about science and aid their academic development whatever their ambitions

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    14 completed lessons

    Sean S.

    Sean S.


    Bristol University - Physiological Science (Bachelors)

    Subjects: Physical Education, Human Biology +1 more

    Physical Education
    Human Biology

    Hi, I’m Sean and I study physiology at the University of Bristol. I offer a flexible tutoring style for Biology, Chemistry and PE based on your academic needs.

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